General FAQ's

Are you licensed and insured?
Can I pay my bill online?
Do you offer any discounts?
Do you offer free estimates?
How can I contact your office?
How long has your company been in business?
What are your office hours?
What areas do you service?

Pest Control FAQ's

Are rodents covered under pest control?
Are the products used safe for my home?
Can I get rid of bed bugs myself?
Do I have to leave my house when you treat?
Do you offer a warranty?
Do you treat for bed bugs?
Do you treat for fleas & ticks?
Do you treat for mosquitos?
Does the chemical have an odor?
What are your prices for pest control?
What types of bugs do you treat for?
Will the products stain my floors or furniture?

Termite Control FAQ's

Does Markle treat for termites?
How do you recognize termites?
How much damage do termites cause?
How to choose a Termite Professional?
What are termites?
When am I most likely to see termites?