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Spotting Pest Problems in Your Home

Robert Hicks - Monday, May 15, 2017

Buying a house is a great feeling but it can become a stressful experience if you come to know that your new home has unwanted tenants. Don’t worry, the Markle Pest team has listed some important points to check out if there are some uninvited pest guests staying in your home already!


  • Worn/Chewed Wires: This is the biggest hint that your new home has a rodent problem. If there are chewed wires or worn leads in the house, then you should contact some professional pest control service provider to get rid of the rodent problem at the earliest.

  • Droppings: If you spot any droppings in your new home then there are increased chances of the rat’s existence in your house. Check the hidden places such as areas behind the curtains, under the bed or sofa, and cupboard drawers etc.

  • Termites: Not just the rodents but termites can also destroy your home. If there are any signs of wood damage or mud tubes, then check your house carefully because these signs indicate that your house has a termite problem. Due to the constant shifting of topsoil in North Central Texas, it is not if your home gets termites, it is when.

  • Bugs: While walking around your home, check if you find any dead bugs. Don’t forget to check the windows and doors, a huge accumulation of dead bugs inside or outside your home could be an indication that your new home needs a bug control treatment from a good pest control company.

We suggest you obtain professional pest control services before moving into your new home for a fresh and better start. To do so, you can contact Markle Pest. They are well known for providing top quality pest control services.