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Robert Hicks - Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Wild Animal ControlThe Dallas and Ft. Worth areas are full of wildlife, which is perfectly fine until they move into your backyard, where they can end up causing thousands of dollars in damages to your property - especially if they make their way into your home. The following are some of the common wildlife problems that our wild animal control service can deal with:

  • Rabbits - Why wouldn't you want those adorable little rabbits running around in your backyard? Because they are grazer animals that will cause all kinds of damage to your landscape. Rabbits tend to become a more common problem in the spring season as the weather gets warmer.
  • Raccoons - Raccoons can be a real issue because of the potential diseases that they can spread through urine and droppings and due to the physical damage that they can cause to your property. They can burrow into your home and damage or destroy your insulation and electrical wiring.
  • Skunks - Skunks are particularly bothersome because they not only cause great damage, they also produce a terrible smell. Skunks will try to access your basement, crawlspace or shed if you have one, where they can do all kinds of damage. They're also known for carrying rabies, which is an especially dangerous disease.
  • Snakes - Snakes may not cause much damage to your actual property, but they can potentially be venomous and therefore quite dangerous - especially if you have pets or children. You won't want to gamble on whether a snake is venomous or not, which is why you'll want us to remove it as soon as you find one.

These are just a few of the common wildlife problems that our wild animal control services can remove as well as prevent. If you are in need of wild animal control, contact us at Markle today.


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