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How Markle Prevents and Exterminates Rats in Your Home

Robert Hicks - Thursday, September 28, 2017


While some may keep rats as pets, the kind that find their own way into your home or business are not friends to humans. They can carry diseases — like the bubonic plague, salmonella poisoning, rat-bite fever, and leptospirosis, to name a few  and cause damage to your home or property.

Some of these diseases can be fatal even with medical treatment and internal damage that rats cause to homes and businesses can be tough to repare, which is why we're going to discuss how Markle prevents rats from ever entering.

What are some of the ways to prevent rats from entering a home?

rodent-problemRats are attracted to properties that provide them with an easy to access food source and/or a place to live. The best ways to prevent rats from entering the home are:

  1. Making sure the garbage is tightly closed and put into trash bins
  2. Cleaning up left over foods after eating outside
  3. Keeping the inside of a home tidy by vacuuming, sweeping and cleaning counter tops
  4. Using rat traps in areas the rodents may enter
  5. Spraying rodent repellent spray around the foundation of the home
  6. Sprinkling rodent repellent powder around the foundation of the home
  7. Keeping pet bowls off the floor when not being used
  8. Keeping crumbs picked up and food sources tightly closed in the pantry or kitchen cabinets

What should be done if rats are invading your home?

markle-rodent-controlIf rats are invading your home, it is extremely important to call a pest control professional. If you're in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, you can call Markle to schedule a free rodent evaluation now.

Our solution prevents and exterminates rats from your home or business, and stops rodents from entering in the future. After all, your home is meant to be a safe place and free from rodents that can pose a risk to your familiy's health.

Final thoughts when dealing with rats...

Keep in mind, not dealing with a rodent problem as soon as it is noticed can lead to increased property damage and health concern.

If you're in the Dallas area and have a rodent problem, call Markle for help with prevention and safe extermination and rat control.

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