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Prevent Termites Before They Enter With Our Pre-Treatment Services

Friday, October 20, 2017

termite1-1024x678.jpgTermites are a particularly invasive pest since they can cause so much destruction to your home within such a short period of time. If you're unable to catch a termite problem in time, you could end up having to spend thousands of dollars if not more on repairs. If you spot any signs of a termite infestation, you'll want to schedule a termite treatment service right away.

However, the most effective way to combat termites is to address the problem before it starts. Learn more about we can protect your home with our termite pre-treatment.

Our Bio-Care Termite Pre-Treatment

Avoiding the need for termite treatment will help you to avoid the headache of having to worry about the presence of termites and of having to worry about the damage that they may have caused. This can be achieved by scheduling our termite pre-treatment service.

prevent termitesWe perform termite pre-treatment by spraying Bio-Care directly onto any raw wood, concrete and foundation penetrations found within your home and on your property. This treatment will penetrate deep into the wood, thereby providing a long-term residual protection against termites.

Bio-Care is one of the more environmentally-friendly chemical solutions as it does not emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and that has a minimal risk of chemical run-off. In fact, it even qualifies LEED builders for Homes points and is the only borate-based termiticide that is EPA-registered.

Our Sentricon Termite Pre-Treatment System

If you prefer to avoid using chemical solutions to pre-treat your home, then we recommend our Sentricon System. The Sentricon System uses an EPA registered bait that has low impact on human health, low potential for groundwater contamination and low toxicity for non-termite organisms. The system is effective at eliminating termites before they can invade your home and has been shown to be successful at eliminating entire colonies as well.

Here at Markle Termite & Pest Management, we offer homeowners and business owners alike full-fledged termite treatment services. However, the best way to avoid having to get your property treated for termites is to invest in our pre-treatment services. We offer both chemical and non-chemical solutions to protect your property against termite invasions, thereby avoiding the need for further termite treatment services and providing peace of mind to boot.

To schedule one of our termite pre-treatment services in the Greater Dallas and Ft. Worth areas, or for more information about our termite treatment services in general, contact us at Markle Termite & Pest Management today.

Termite Control

The Difference between Bees and Wasps

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Many people run and hide or swat above their head the moment they hear a buzzing without even checking what it is. There is a range of insects that buzz and the majorities aren’t harmful at all. Also, many people get confused with the difference between bees and wasps and can end up killing bees that contribute to our eco-system or that belong to someone else.

There are several varieties of bees but most people are more familiar with the Bumble Bee. This is a large round bee. These bees can sting however they are unlikely to unless defending themselves. They generally go about their own business pollinating flowers.

The Difference Between Bees And Wasps.jpg

There is also a bee known as the Mining or Mortar bee. These bees do not swarm and actually tend to live alone. Mining bees are the first out in the year appearing as early as April depending on the weather. These bees are very large, larger than a honey bee, and can be confused with a wasp. In order to stop mining bees from breeding in your home, you should identify where the nest is - it won't be huge like a wasps nest - and close up the hole.

However, the honey bee is often mistaken to be a wasp. Honey bees are the types that are kept by beekeepers in hives. They are much less like a bumble bee as they are thinner in shape. They fly around in swarms and can often get lost from their hives and end up in someone's loft or house. You should not harm these bees at all but instead, you should contact a pest controller. If you do tackle them and kill any, you can be taken to court and even end up with a custodial sentence.

So if you're unsure about the difference between and wasp and a bee, try not to kill it. If you get a large infestation, it is better to be safe than sorry so call a wasp control expert who will be able to identify the insect and remove it in the best way.

Identifying Your Spider Infestation: Venomous or Not?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Spiders hold an exacting fascination in our collective awareness, with their evocative shape, unique hunting ability, and often poisonous bite. There are innumerable varieties of spiders in the world, and though many are completely harmless, some count amongst the most poisonous creatures on the planet. Knowing the type of the spider could be extremely important not only for your peace of mind but your physical safety!

Spiders are scary, crawly, hairy, beady-eyed pests that many people develop a severe arrogance for. As some spiders are harmless, others deadly, however, all can become a pest in and around your home or business. Here are some of the important signs to watch out for so that you can identify when you’re approaching an infestation of these eight-legged pests like spiders.

Spider Removal.pngThere are numerous types of spiders you may come across in your home, and several of these spider species cause anxiety, and can be highly dangerous. They’re often present in nooks, crannies, garden sheds, the bottom of your deckchairs or under your furniture.

The experts of Marklepest are trained in recognizing the types of spiders that the clients may be experiencing problems with and adapting the pest treatment methodology to ensure maximum effectiveness.  They provide best spider control services.

Spider problems can range from the occasional sighting to a full-blown spider infestation. Calling Marklepest as a pest control specialists about your spider extermination needs is the primary step that helps you to stop the problem in its tracks.

The experts know how to manage a thorough spider extermination to maximize the effectiveness of spider treatment services. The way that we at Marklepest treat webbing spiders is quite different to non-webbing spiders and treatment areas differ and vary. Generally speaking, non-webbing spiders are more difficult to control, and as such, they require a broader treatment area than webbing spiders. Treatment is performed mainly in roof voids and external areas of the home.

Don't Share Your Home with Animal Pests This Winter

Thursday, October 05, 2017

raccoon-1.jpgRemember all those cute cartoon rabbits, raccoons, skunks, and squirrels in the Disney movies you grew up with? Well, in real life, they’re not so cute and friendly, along with the not-so-cute snakes, armadillos, and opossums.

So what do all these animals have in common? Once the cooler weather gets here they start looking for a warm place to live and if you have seen them hanging around your house, guess what? They may have your home on their list of possibilities.

Risks Wild Animals Present

rat-droppings-923479-edited.jpgOnce wild animals find their way in, they can cause damage simply by making themselves at home. The most commonly affected areas can be to:

  • Electrical wiring
  • Insulation
  • Wallboards
  • Wooden infrastructure

Additionally, there are health risks to your family and pets because many of these pests carry fleas and ticks, and in extreme cases, rabies. Once you have a wild animal living in your home, you will need professional help from a wildlife removal expert.

What You Can Do to Prevent Wildlife Problems

The best way to avoid a wildlife problem is to prevent these creatures from getting into your home in the first place. They are most likely to focus on areas of your home that don’t see a lot of activity, such as your attic, basement, or garage. Make sure to check for any openings into these areas periodically and seal any that you find.

Cut off potential food sources by:
  • Making sure your garbage cans have tight-fitting lids.
  • Storing pet food birdseed in containers with lids.
  • Not storing grass seed, plant bulbs or plant seeds in your garage or basement.

If you find that your Dallas / Forth Worth home has been infiltrated by pests, you can depend on the wildlife removal experts at Markle Termite & Pest Management.

Call 972-279-1448 or schedule an appointment online.


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How Markle Prevents and Exterminates Rats in Your Home

Thursday, September 28, 2017


While some may keep rats as pets, the kind that find their own way into your home or business are not friends to humans. They can carry diseases — like the bubonic plague, salmonella poisoning, rat-bite fever, and leptospirosis, to name a few  and cause damage to your home or property.

Some of these diseases can be fatal even with medical treatment and internal damage that rats cause to homes and businesses can be tough to repare, which is why we're going to discuss how Markle prevents rats from ever entering.

What are some of the ways to prevent rats from entering a home?

rodent-problemRats are attracted to properties that provide them with an easy to access food source and/or a place to live. The best ways to prevent rats from entering the home are:

  1. Making sure the garbage is tightly closed and put into trash bins
  2. Cleaning up left over foods after eating outside
  3. Keeping the inside of a home tidy by vacuuming, sweeping and cleaning counter tops
  4. Using rat traps in areas the rodents may enter
  5. Spraying rodent repellent spray around the foundation of the home
  6. Sprinkling rodent repellent powder around the foundation of the home
  7. Keeping pet bowls off the floor when not being used
  8. Keeping crumbs picked up and food sources tightly closed in the pantry or kitchen cabinets

What should be done if rats are invading your home?

markle-rodent-controlIf rats are invading your home, it is extremely important to call a pest control professional. If you're in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, you can call Markle to schedule a free rodent evaluation now.

Our solution prevents and exterminates rats from your home or business, and stops rodents from entering in the future. After all, your home is meant to be a safe place and free from rodents that can pose a risk to your familiy's health.

Final thoughts when dealing with rats...

Keep in mind, not dealing with a rodent problem as soon as it is noticed can lead to increased property damage and health concern.

If you're in the Dallas area and have a rodent problem, call Markle for help with prevention and safe extermination.

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Get to Know Mosquitoes and How to Get Rid of Them

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

It’s no surprise to many of us that mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures on Earth, but the sheer death toll they cause can still be a little unnerving. Every year almost 250 million people around the world are infected with malaria, and almost 1 million of the infected will die.

Mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous insects in the world, which is why keeping them out of your home is so important. The best way to keep mosquitoes out of your home is by ensuring you have sealed up the entire dwelling properly. This means filling in any holes, installing mesh covers on your windows and doors and not leaving any doors or windows open for prolonged times. Also, it makes sense to make sure that you do not have any stagnating water around your home as this is the perfect breeding ground.

Get to Know Mosquitoes and How to Get Rid of Them.jpg

Once you have sealed up your house and got rid of any stagnating water, you need to buy some good repellent, one that you feel comfortable using on a regular basis. You can even spray this on any major portals, such as your front door, adding an extra layer of protection.

Mosquitoes are dangerous and can multiply at an astonishing rate. Spraying mosquito repellents and burning coils will only provide you temporary relief. The best possible way to get a long-term solution is to engage the professionals of mosquito control services. The professionals of a reliable Company for Insect Removal Plano Tx will thoroughly inspect your place, analyze the entire area, and use highly advanced techniques to get rid of mosquitoes from your property or home for long period of time. The experts are properly trained in using the equipment and perfectly aware of the techniques to give the best result.

You need to keep in mind that not all Garden Pest Control Plano Tx, mosquito control providers are same. There are certain aspects you need to look for before signing out a contract. Markle Termite & Pest Control is the most reputable mosquito control company in Plano Tx. We have multiple plans that fit your needs and budget.

Learn About Our Wild Animal Control Services

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Wild Animal ControlThe Dallas and Ft. Worth areas are full of wildlife, which is perfectly fine until they move into your backyard, where they can end up causing thousands of dollars in damages to your property - especially if they make their way into your home. The following are some of the common wildlife problems that our wild animal control service can deal with:

  • Rabbits - Why wouldn't you want those adorable little rabbits running around in your backyard? Because they are grazer animals that will cause all kinds of damage to your landscape. Rabbits tend to become a more common problem in the spring season as the weather gets warmer.
  • Raccoons - Raccoons can be a real issue because of the potential diseases that they can spread through urine and droppings and due to the physical damage that they can cause to your property. They can burrow into your home and damage or destroy your insulation and electrical wiring.
  • Skunks - Skunks are particularly bothersome because they not only cause great damage, they also produce a terrible smell. Skunks will try to access your basement, crawlspace or shed if you have one, where they can do all kinds of damage. They're also known for carrying rabies, which is an especially dangerous disease.
  • Snakes - Snakes may not cause much damage to your actual property, but they can potentially be venomous and therefore quite dangerous - especially if you have pets or children. You won't want to gamble on whether a snake is venomous or not, which is why you'll want us to remove it as soon as you find one.

These are just a few of the common wildlife problems that our wild animal control services can remove as well as prevent. If you are in need of wild animal control, contact us at Markle today.


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What Are The Signs Of A Rodent Infestation?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Your home should be a safe place where you are rest, relax and spend quality time without worrying about anything whether pest spreading dirt and germs, eating your food, and generally just causing problems. If you have seen only one mouse or rat, there is a good chance of having more with each passing day.

Sometimes rodent pest control preventive measures don't work by themselves. Sometimes it requires the recognition of the problem source so a treatment method can be developed. Unless a rodent infestation is extremely bad. However you may notice dog food or other types of food bags torn open and eaten.

The first sign of a rat problem is noise. Rats will make scratching sound that can easily be heard from within walls and attics. Listen for their scratching and rustling noises after dusk when rats are most active. After that, look for rat droppings. You can usually find dropped food here and there. The droppings will be small, black and glossy.

rodent infestation.jpg

You should also look for rat holes and nests. You will find holes in gardens and under places like compost piles. Look for nests around boxes, inside of drawers and near wood piles. A couple of other signs of a rat infestation are grease marks along beams, rafters and gnawing marks on boxes and wiring. If you have any of these signs, you probably have a rat problem and should contact an expert exterminator. The pungent smells, mainly of rodent urine may also be present.

To exterminate rodents yourself, you will have the choice of traps, poison bait etc. Most people don't have much sympathy for rats or mice that have invaded their house so they opt for kill traps that snap shut or glue strips in order to allow the home or business owner to dispose of them properly. This is pretty offensive but sometimes necessary to eradicate the bulk of pests that have invaded some area of a building.

For more serious infestations of rodents, a licensed professional exterminator may be required. When using a pest Control Company, be careful not to go by price alone. Be sure exterminators are licensed, bonded and have all necessary regulatory compliance in place before allowing them to tackle your rodent pest control job.

Identify Your Pest and Control the Problem

Monday, September 11, 2017

Those who have been troubled by any sort of pest will know the distress and complications they can bring about. Insect infestations alone have led affected people to throw away furniture and carpets and some have additionally been required to move out from their homes.

Identify Your Pest

What would you do if you had a sudden outburst of unwanted pests in your home or company establishment? Would you have the right equipment to remove them and stop them from increasing? Or if not who would you proceed to for assistance or support? Marklepest is the best major pest control, experts. Choosing an experienced, certified, professional pest control company will mean that not only you get the correct advice, you will receive a warm and friendly, integrated pest management service that centers on the prevention and control of the problem. Marklepest reduces the risk of an infestation either getting out of control or re-occurring.

Many people are not really entirely aware of the importance of pest control, for instance, certain pests can be incredibly damaging to the health and productivity of our plants, several pests likewise poses a hazard to farmers, as they can seriously hinder farm production. Other pesky unwelcome creatures can also ruin a building's structures, electrical wiring, and most importantly they can affect our overall health and well-being, as you can imagine unwanted pests such as, rats and mice are extremely unhygienic and have been known to carry several various types of diseases, pesky insects such as parasites have also even been associated with Asthma.

Pest Prevention.png

In terms of the workplace, pest infestations are incredibly important to be aware of, especially in a company where you are interacting with the general public, as a pest sighting could lead you losing customers sometimes even being shut down. Rodents are the most common, however, bees, wasps, flies, and cockroaches and can also cause infestations. Recognition of these creatures is vital, as the vast majority of them prefer dark, uninterrupted areas, making them extremely difficult to identify. Therefore, rather than examining round the back of your cabinets every second, simply listen out for any scattering noises that could possibly end up being a rat or large insect pest.

Marklepest offers a wide range of commercial and domestic pest control services, taking pride in their professional, friendly and effective approach towards helping their clients.

How to Detect and Control Pests in your Home Using Garden Pest Control Services?

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Everyone would like to have a lavish landscape design in their outdoor spaces. Once you have designed a suitable model for your home, there are many other activities that follow in order to maintain the beautiful yard as it is structured. Out of those doing pest control is a very important one so as to keep the insects and other possible pests out of your home. In Plano, bed bugs are becoming a pest problem in residential and commercial properties at an alarming rate.


Homes, apartment buildings, hospitals, hotels and other commercial lodgings are all susceptible to infestations. That can result in unnecessary stress for homeowners as well as in lost profits for companies, who rely on their professional reputation to bring in customers. While there are many methods for getting rid of bed bugs including conventional treatments, fumigation services, and Do-It-Yourself products none have proven as effective as or more thorough than Wild animal control services. Not only are they safe for the environment recent studies have shown that all species of the insect respond to this method, unlike more traditional pest control treatments.

When you broach garden pest control, among the important things that would easily enter your mind would certainly be termites. These pesky little animals will merely surprise you with damaged walls, posts, as well as a beam of lights. They even munch up your clothing and shoes you’ve nicely stored in a closet or in boxes. They could even create a big portion of your ceiling to drop down if you’re not able to spot their problem early.


If you like to attempt to find if your residence has been attacked by termites so you could control them in some way, below are some pointers.

Just what you have to do at first is to know what kind of termites is in your home. You have to examine the entire residence, from the yard of your home. There are termites that would begin with the ground and also you may be able to discover them in the dirt. These subterranean bugs should be treated with a termite with a termite control item that’s made especially for soil. The majority of these items are highly concentrated chemicals that you would certainly dissolve in water before application.