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Keep Your Home Safe with Best Termite & Pest Control Services

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Pest control is that technique which seeks to eliminate and regulate pest population that is harmful to human health and the environment. Resources and lot of workers are a necessity of pest control, especially in homes. Pest control is really important and every home owner should consider applying it. It is usually seen that people spend a lot of money on termite infestation.

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Termites are really dangerous as they cause harm to wood and papers. Once they come in contact with floor ceilings, they can eat floorings, beams, and walls from inside. This can make these structures really weak and even vulnerable to collapse. Pests do not only cause harm to the things but also can cause skin allergies and respiratory problems in human beings.

Bed bugs and mosquitoes usually cause skin rashes. There are much more which cause harm to human body. Pest control is actually designed to suppress and decrease pest levels. Insects aren’t just pest as some of them carry really deadly diseases. Whenever a homemaker is looking for the best termite pest control solution, Marklepest has various viable options. Their professionals are working on plans according to the pest problem and the area.

Untitled design-1.jpgRegulation and management of species which are recognized as pests are known as pest control. This regulation and management of pests are done by city best pest control. The companies deal with the pests by adopting some traditional and also modern techniques that help people to get rid of the pests in just a few minutes. There are various methods and techniques that are adopted by the company. Marklepest uses the best method the control termite and pests.

Get Rid of Pests by the Help of the Commercial Pest Control Services

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The pest control service has today taken a commercial image in the city like Plano Tx. So many houses are facing problems for the presence of the pests. You actually do not know what you are going to do when see termites attacking your furniture.

Though there are several ways, through which the people can keep the pests under control, but you will have to know the best one for the kind of pest present in your house. There are pests present in and out of your house and these may create a problem for many people. The help of different techniques can kill the different types of pests. In order to get the best result, you will have to take help of the expert pest controller, who have been providing the services for years.

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 Sometimes it really becomes difficult for the people to control the different pests that are growing in your houses, but you can successfully get rid of these pests if you will try hard. The different types of pests that you may find are:


The termites are the dangerous pests that are found in different places. You can find the termites in many houses. They grow in the colonies and attack the wooden parts of the house.


The rodents are another kind pests of which many people are worried. The rodents like the rats attack the food and eat up the clothes, for which it becomes difficult for you to live in the house. The rat can cause plague disease.


The spiders are very dangerous. These spiders cause a rash on the human body and sometimes dangerous infections.

The commercial pest control services has enabled to grow a healthy place for the person of Plano Tx and has made many places suitable for human habitat.

Raccoon- An Unwanted Guest

Friday, July 07, 2017

The original habitation of Raccoons is the mixed or deciduous forest. But they are highly adaptable. So are frequently seen in mountainous areas, coastal marshes, and even urban areas. They are most common in North America.

Raccoons can adapt to urban areas because they are able to find food and space to sleep with ease. In small towns and suburbs, raccoons sleep in nearby forests after having their fill in the town. They consume fruits, insects in gardens, leftovers, waste food, etc.

Raccoon- An Unwanted Guest.jpg


Raccoons are considered pests because:

  • They cause irreparable damage to property.
  • They carry rabies.
  • They use up the attic space, etc. for nesting.
  • They carry a lethal virus in their saliva making their bite dangerous.
  • They attack pets and sometimes pet owners as well.

Hence, the growth of raccoons needs to be checked.

There are simple tips to avoid the infestation of raccoons in your home:

  • Seal portions of the house from where raccoons can get access into the home.
  • Ensure that the vents in the roof are heavy duty and animal free.
  • Make sure that trees are at least 6”-8” away from your home so as to prevent their entry.
  • Cover chimneys, etc.
  • Trash cans should be kept securely covered.
  • Ensure that leftover pet food is not left scattered.
  • Fruits from fruit trees should be picked up as they will attract raccoons.
  • Cover compost piles.

Although not exhaustive, these are some useful measures you can take around the home to prevent entry of raccoons.

However, if despite this, raccoons still somehow enter your property you will need to seek the help of a professional animal control company. If you are in Plano TX and are affected by raccoons, you can hire the Raccoon Control services of Markle Pest. We are a professional pest exterminator and wildlife control company who help you get rid of different types of pests.

Tips for Effective Termite Damage Control

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Mostly, termite damage is not covered under your home insurance policy, thereby making it mandatory for you to take termite control seriously. Termites are such small enemies of your house which once they enter your house are never ready to move out and eventually make your paradise a hell. In Texas, the condition is even worse, as it is a hub of subterranean termites that are the most damaging structural pests in Texas. Many researchers have proven the fact that in Texas, subterranean termites swarm primarily during the spring. The precipitation, accumulation of heat and other environmental factors play an important role in the growth of termite colonies.

Termite Damage Control.jpg
You can’t change the climatic condition of your place as it is not under your control, but you can control termites as it is in your hand. There are only two things which you need to do in order to help prevent termites. They are as follows:

Lower Your Risk Factors - Remove Unused Woods and Papers

You are the owner of your house so the onus lies on you to maintain it. Make your house termite unfriendly by identifying the areas prone to termite attack. Termites love moisture; therefore it is highly advisable to remove old form boards, unused wood planks, grade stakes or rubbish paper stacks, tree trunks and roots near your house, as they may attract termites.

Hire Professional Termite Control Service

Hire a qualified professional termite control and pest management service firm. The professionals here have expertise in identifying the colonies of termites and they install a termite management system, thereby saving you from concealed attack of termites.

The Markle Termite and Pest Management Firm located in Dallas, Texas, gives you the best service in controlling termite and other pests. Contact us for more information!

Spotting Pest Problems in Your Home

Monday, May 15, 2017

Buying a house is a great feeling but it can become a stressful experience if you come to know that your new home has unwanted tenants. Don’t worry, the Markle Pest team has listed some important points to check out if there are some uninvited pest guests staying in your home already!


  • Worn/Chewed Wires: This is the biggest hint that your new home has a rodent problem. If there are chewed wires or worn leads in the house, then you should contact some professional pest control service provider to get rid of the rodent problem at the earliest.

  • Droppings: If you spot any droppings in your new home then there are increased chances of the rat’s existence in your house. Check the hidden places such as areas behind the curtains, under the bed or sofa, and cupboard drawers etc.

  • Termites: Not just the rodents but termites can also destroy your home. If there are any signs of wood damage or mud tubes, then check your house carefully because these signs indicate that your house has a termite problem. Due to the constant shifting of topsoil in North Central Texas, it is not if your home gets termites, it is when.

  • Bugs: While walking around your home, check if you find any dead bugs. Don’t forget to check the windows and doors, a huge accumulation of dead bugs inside or outside your home could be an indication that your new home needs a bug control treatment from a good pest control company.

We suggest you obtain professional pest control services before moving into your new home for a fresh and better start. To do so, you can contact Markle Pest. They are well known for providing top quality pest control services.

Useful Tips for Insect Control

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Insect problems may seem small and unimportant but they can cause huge destruction to your home. You can take preventive measures to avoid these problems as the implementation of right line of defense for insect removal can save you from the troubles. Go through the following points to get more information about insect removal & control:

Careful Inspection: The exterior and interior of your house should be inspected carefully to look for any possible entry points of insects. Don’t forget to check the window screens, caulking gaps or tiny holes. You can use bug screens to avoid the entry of insects in your home.  

Clean Surroundings: Regular cleaning of surroundings such as gutters and garden areas is necessary. Rainy season is the most suitable climate for mosquitoes and standing water is the favorite breeding ground for them. So, don’t forget to keep your surroundings dry and clean to prevent the growth of mosquitoes.

Proper Maintenance of HVAC System: Dirty HVAC systems can also become the breeding place for many insects because of the dust, mold, and dirt present in the filter. Insects can easily grow in such dirty environments creating various health problems to you and your family. You should regularly clean the filter of HVAC systems as its proper maintenance can save you from insect troubles.

Food: Food lying in the open can also invite insects such as ants because they have the capability to smell the food scent and they can quickly make a beeline for your food. To avoid this, always keep your food in covered containers.

Already suffering from insect problems and want to hire a professional for insect removal? Contact Markle Pest, the expert pest controller. With years of expertise, he can easily get your insect situation under control within no time!

Rodent problem? Don't take any risk & hire a professional now!

Monday, May 01, 2017

Rodent problem are common and it's irritating at the same time. In some cases, people tend to sort out this problem on their own rather than considering the option of hiring an expert. Knowing the side-effects of this problem, it would be better to hire an expert rodent exterminator. Listed are some main reasons that support this opinion:

Don't take the risk on your health – Rodent problems don't just affect your homes or workplace but it has various other negative impacts on your health also. There is a long list of diseases that can be caused by rodents. So, if your choices are money and health, latter would be beneficial. So, contacting a Commercial Rodent Control person is the better option!

Safety and hygiene of your surroundings – If you are waiting for some magic to happen that would make those rodents disappear, then you might be daydreaming because nothing like this would ever happen. Instead, these rodents will chew the computer wires, water pipes, curtains or the latest book that you bought some days ago. Not just this but they can easily contaminate your food by taking a bite of your favorite dish! Now, don't you think that hiring Best Rodent Control services is far better than taking any risk?

Rodents - the best players of "hide & seek" – It would be immensely difficult for you to find them. They know that how to fool you by changing their locations every now and then. Only a professional can examine the situation and understand the tricks of these rodents to locate them accurately. To do so, Commercial Rodent Control experts are available to help you out.

Once gone, they can come again – First, there are fewer chances that you get rid of them completely on your own. Catching just one or two rodents will not eradicate this issue, there might be some other hiding under your sofa or behind the curtains. Only a professional would know the methods to get rid of them totally. Along with that, a professional can also solve this rodent problem from the root level so they don't come again to your home as uninvited guests.

Rat Problem? Consider these points first before hiring Rat Pest Control Services.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Having a rat problem makes life so irritating. Scratching sounds at night, urine spots and heap of droppings everywhere can easily turn a home into hell. Who would want to live in such conditions? So, don't take excessive time in trying to solve the matter on your own, instead hire a professional to eliminate this problem once and for all. Before doing so, keep some important things in mind:

Hire an experienced & skilled service provider: Know about the experience, skill sets and quality of service of your rodent control service provider to avoid any end time hassle or disaster. No one would want to mess up their house just to catch a mouse, right?

Check out their list of achievements: Do check the list of awards and recognitions before hiring a professional to eliminate the rat problem. The service provider with a list of awards would not compromise on the quality at any cost.

Research on their work history: Do an analysis of their work history, the number of clients and success rate to make sure that they have your best interests at heart..

Are they licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture?: This is another important aspect to consider. Check if the service provider is authorized to provide the services. It's necessary for pest control operators to be issued, registered, fully licensed, and insured before they work for you.

Links with reputed associations: Do check if they are associated with any of the well-known organizations such as NPSC or more. This proves their authenticity and reputation in the arena they serve. For example, if a rat control service provider is associated with local or national PSC, he/she would be authentic to provide quality approved services to clients.

Made up your mind to hire a pest control service company? No need to worry much, because Markle Pest is there to help you. Serving their customers for over 50 years, Markle Pest is a well-known Pest Control Service Providor, especially in Dallas and Ft. Worth. Holding A+ rating in Better Business Bureau since 1994, Markle Pest was rewarded with the prestigious Angie's List Super Service Award in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 20116. In addition, Markle Pest is registered with National Pest Control Association, Texas Pest Control Association, Dallas Pest Control Association and National Pest Management Association.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Rodent Exterminator

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

prefessional rodent exterminatorIf you think you might have a rodent problem, you may be tempted to try and get rid of the problem on your own instead of hiring a rodent exterminator. While you may think that doing this will help save you money, it's a much better idea to hire a professional. The following are five reasons why you should hire a rodent exterminator:


Hiring A Professional Rodent Exterminator

  1. Rodents are a danger to your health - The longer it takes you to get rid of your rodent problem, the more of a health risk you're taking. Rodents can carry all kinds of diseases that can be spread through exposure to their urine and droppings.
  2. Rodents can damage your home - While you're busy waiting for those rodents to get caught in your traps, their busy chewing through your insulation, wires and even wood. The cost of repairs could end up eclipsing how much it would have cost to simply have a professional rodent exterminator take care of the problem.
  3. Rodent exterminators will figure out where they are - You may know that you have rodents, but you may have trouble figuring out where they are living, making it more difficult to trap them. A professional exterminator will have the experience and know-how to locate any nests in order to more effectively remove them.
  4. Rodent exterminators will get rid of all of them - Your traps may only get rid of a few rodents, whereas professional exterminators will get rid of all of them.
  5. Rodent exterminators will prevent another rodent problem - After getting rid of your rodent problem, an exterminator will implement a number of methods to prevent them from coming back.

These are five reasons why you should hire a professional rodent exterminator. To schedule our rodent control service, be sure to contact us at Markle today.


Termite Control

5 Signs You Need an Exterminator For Mice

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

exterminator for miceHiring an exterminator for mice can be challenging.

Mice may seem like adorable little creatures, but the last thing you want is to have them freely running around your home wrecking havoc. Mice can not only carry disease, but they can get into your garbage and food as well as do physical damage to your home. The following are five signs that you may have mice and that you should hire an exterminator for mice right away:

  1. There are droppings everywhere - Mice droppings are typically found in dark and covered spaces, like in crawl spaces or in the back of cabinets. They are small, dark and pellet-shaped. The more droppings you find, the bigger a mouse problem you probably have.
  2. There are signs of gnawing - Mice like to gnaw on things, especially food containers, like cereal boxes, and wood. If you find small bite marks on these things, then you most likely have a mouse problem.
  3. You can hear them at night - If you have mice, then you may be able to hear them scratching and scurrying around at night. You may even hear them squeaking.
  4. There are piles of debris - Mice will often set up their own little feeding stations where they take the food that they've found. They'll then simply leave the trash there. These little piles of debris are often found in corners or behind doors and generally consist of food remnants, paper, plastic and more.
  5. You smell an old, musky odor - If you've got a full on mice infestation, you'll be able to smell an old musky odor that's produced by the fermentation of mouse urine.

These are five signs that you have a mouse problem and are in need of an exterminator for mice. If you need an exterminator for mice, be sure to contact us at Markle today to schedule a professional inspection.


Termite Control