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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

preventing termitesOut of all the pests out there, few cause the amount of property damage as the termite. Not only do termites eat through wood, they are difficult to spot, which means that they can end up doing thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home before you even know it. While there are effective termite treatments that can help to eliminate your termite problem, the best way to deal with termites is by preventing termites from infesting your home in the first place.

Treatment for Preventing Termites

Termites cause billions of dollars worth of property damage every year, which is why it's well worth investing in termite prevention. Here at Markle Termite & Pest Management, we are in the business of preventing termites. We make use of a pre-treatment called Bora-Care.

Bora-Care is a treatment that is sprayed directly onto wood, concrete and foundation penetrations. It works by penetrating deep into the wood that it's applied to, thereby providing residual protection against all types of termites, including Subterranean termites, Formosan termites and Dywood termites. It also offers additional protection against carpenter ants, wood-destroying beetles and certain types of fungi.

termite inspectionBora-Care will kill any termites it comes into contact with and will eliminate the wood it's applied to as a food source, creating a barrier that termites will not be able to get across. It's also a long-term treatment, which means that once it's applied, you'll have protection against termite damage for years.

Additionally, unlike other termite treatments, Bora-Care is very environmentally friendly. Its active ingredient is borate mineral salt, which has low mammalian toxicity, meaning that it's safe to use even if you have children or pets in your household. It also emits no volatile organic compounds (VOC), which means that it won't affect the environment. Last, but not least, there's a very minimal risk of chemical run-off as a result of its application.

Bora-Care is the only borate-based termiticide that's registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a primary perimeter termite pretreatment and one the Overall Grand Prize and the Best of Show awards at the Green Builder magazine GBS Show in 2006.

Schedule a Free Termite Inspection

The best way to protect against termite infestation is by preventing termites in the first place. For more advice on preventing termites or to schedule a Bora-Care treatment for your property, be sure to contact us Markle Termite & Pest Management for a free inspection today.


Do You Have a Chigger Problem?

Monday, April 09, 2018

chiggersChiggers are a type of mite that can be challenging to deal with. They're not something you'll want to ignore since they feed off of skin cells. While their bites are not painful, they do cause itchy skin, which can make things really uncomfortable. However, they can be difficult to get rid of simply because they are hard to spot. This is because the mites are so small that they are impossible to see unless in groups.

About Chiggers

Chiggers are typically found in overgrown grass and areas of high humidity but can be found in any type of vegetation. Keeping your law trimmed short is one way that you can prevent a chigger infestation. However, if you do have chiggers on your property, you'll want to make sure that a professional comes to take care of them. Otherwise, you'll have to wear long pants to avoid chigger bites.

You can also use bug sprays to eliminate chiggers, but this only works in concentrated areas -- and most bug sprays that target chiggers contain chemicals that are potentially harmful to the environment.

Our Chigger Elimination Methods

chiggers-1Because chiggers can make their home in pretty much any type of vegetation, we use an integrated pest management system to eliminate your chigger problem. The following are the steps we take:

  • Identify the extent of the problem - We will evaluate the chigger problem on your property to see how bad the infestation is. We will identify chigger breeding spots as well to determine the best course of action. We will then monitor the chiggers to determine how they are reacting to the environment and to identify the type of chigger we're dealing with.

  • Implement control methods - Our chigger control techniques include the application of diatomaceous earth or either dusting or granular sulfur. Both of these methods are environmentally-friendly alternatives to most bug sprays that are available on the market.

Every chigger problem is different. Because of this, we will customize our integrated pest management system to meet the specific needs of your property. In addition to treating your property for chiggers in order to eliminate the problem, we will provide professional advice on how to prevent a chigger infestation in the future.

If you think that you might have a chigger problem, then be sure to contact us at Markle Termite & Pest Management to schedule a free chigger elimination inspection today.


When to Hire a Mosquito Exterminator

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

mosquito controlA mosquito presence can be infuriating to deal with. They bite constantly, which can cause great discomfort, and they are known for carrying all kinds of diseases. However, most people rarely think to have a mosquito exterminator come take care of the problem for them.

Getting Rid of Mosquitos

Generally, people will attempt to take care of their mosquito problem on their own. This is because there are many different mosquito control products on the market. Some of these products include:

  • Spray the area with mosquito repellant - There are many commercial mosquito repellants available that you can spray the area with, but they often contain potentially harmful chemicals.

  • Apply mosquito repellent to your skin - There are sprays and creams available that can help keep mosquitos from biting you. However, you would have to apply these constantly - and some of them contain DEET or other chemicals that are potentially harmful to the environment.

  • Use citronella products - Citronella is known as a natural mosquito repellant. Many people will burn citronella candles or plant citronella bushes as a way to repel mosquitos.

  • Use essential oils - Adding essential oils, such as thyme, lemon eucalyptus, catnip, and cedarwood essential oils, can sometimes help repel mosquitos.

  • Use soapy water - Standing water attracts mosquitos, so setting out soapy water can help to kill them.

Using a Professional Mosquito Exterminator

Professional Mosquito ExterminatorThe problem with all of the DIY mosquito control methods is that they only temporarily repel mosquitos, they don't actually deal with their presence directly. You shouldn't have to slather yourself in mosquito repellant in order to enjoy your backyard, which is why you should hire a professional mosquito exterminator.

Here at Markle Termite & Pest Management, we use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system to eliminate mosquito problems. This involves creating a customized mosquito control plan that makes use of a variety of different methods, including chemical, physical, biological and cultural tools, to deal with your specific mosquito problem. We use these tools to perform the most effective and efficient mosquito elimination possible, all while minimizing potential environmental and health costs.

In essence, we will get rid of your mosquito problem, reduce harm to the environment, protect your household from harmful toxins and reduce the risk of future mosquito infestations.

If you have a mosquito problem, be sure to contact us at Markle Termite & Pest Management to schedule an appointment with a professional mosquito exterminator today.


Does Your Home Need a Professional Termite Treatment?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

termites_main-1-271660-edited.jpgIf you think that you might have a termite problem, then you'll want to take action right away. You might be tempted to go out to the store and buy whatever termite treatments are available to deal with the problem by yourself but this is rarely a good idea.

If you're unable to effectively eliminate the entire colony, then you're putting the structure of your home at risk since whatever termites are left will continue to multiply and will continue to burrow through your home's wood. It's for this reason that you should schedule professional termite treatment.

Our Professional Termite Treatment


At Markle Termite & Pest Management, we make use of a highly specialized termite treatment known as the Sentricon® System. The system is made up of several stations that are placed around the home to create a protective ring of sorts - all without drilling, trenching or digging around the foundation. These stations contain bait that termites prefer over wood. The bait contains an active ingredient called noviflumuron, which prevents termites from molting. As a result, they die.

Besides effectively eliminating the colony of termites on your property, the Sentricon® System is a non-chemical solution, which means you won't be doing potential harm to your property's soil or vegetation. Because it specifically targets termite biology, it won't affect other forms of life, such as children or pets, who might accidentally come into contact with it. There's also an extremely low potential for groundwater contamination compared to other types of termite treatments that are commonly used.

When implementing the Sentricon® System, our specialists will do a thorough inspection of your home to determine where each station should be placed to be as effective as possible. We will monitor the stations to ensure that your termite problem is completely eliminated. Additionally, we will take preventative steps to help make sure that your property isn't infested with termites again.

How We Prevent Termites

Not only can we provide professional advice to protect against termites, we can also perform a Termite Pre-Treatment service. This involves spraying your home's raw wood with Bora-Care, which will provide long-term residual protection against all types of termites as well as carpenter ants.

If you have a termite problem, be sure to schedule a free termite inspection by contacting us at Markle Termite & Pest Management to have it addressed immediately. We will eliminate your termite problem using the proven Sentricon® System.


Identifying and Addressing Your Carpenter Ant Problem

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

carpenter ants.jpgUnless an ant is bright red, most people probably don't give much thought to seeing one or two ants scurrying around their home. However, you should. If those ants are particularly large, then you may have carpenter ants. The damage that carpenter ants can do can be quite extensive, which is why you'll want to schedule a carpenter ant inspection the moment you think you might have them.

Carpenter Ant Damage

Carpenter ants aren't going to bite the way fire ants do but they can cause thousands of dollars in home damage if the problem is not addressed. The thing about carpenter ants is that they are actually very beneficial to the environment. They chew up wood and turn it into fine sawdust, which eventually rots and becomes valuable compost used for environmental growth. Of course, you don't want this to occur inside of your house.

carpenter_ant_damage.jpgAlthough carpenter ants cause damage to wood structures in a similar fashion as termites, they don't actually feed on wood like termites do. Termites eat through wood because they feed on the cellulose that's found in wood. Carpenter ants are just looking to nest inside of the wood. They are simply digging tunnels into decaying wood. Because they aren't eating the wood, they aren't going through it as quickly. It can take years for carpenter ants to do serious damage to your home.

But this doesn't mean that you don't need to worry about them. You should have the problem addressed right away if you think you have one. This is because it can be tough to identify that you have a carpenter ant problem, which means that by the time you do, they may have already been causing damage to your home for a long period of time.

Carpenter Ant Control

We can help identify whether you have a carpenter ant problem and how much carpenter ants damage has been done. Using this information, we will determine the best course of action to take in order to eliminate your carpenter ant problem and to help reduce the risk of having another carpenter ant problem in the future.

If you think that you might have carpenter ants in your home, be sure to schedule a carpenter ant inspection to limit the amount of damage that they may have already done. Contact us at Markle Termite & Pest Management to schedule a free inspection today.


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A Few Ways to Handle Your Rat Problem

Wednesday, March 07, 2018


Having rats in your home is not a problem you'll want to ignore. Not only can they spread disease through their blood, saliva, urine, and feces, they can also cause physical damage to your home, especially if you allow them to multiply. When it comes to pest control for rats, there are a variety of ways to get rid of them.

Ways to Eliminate Rats

There are several ways to eliminate your rat problem with varying degrees of effectiveness. These include:

  • Basic traps - There are two basic types of traps, the snap trap and the glue trap. A snap trap uses bait to trap the rat, often killing it. For many, a glue trap is the more humane way to trap a rat. The problem with using such traps yourself is that you would have to discard the rat, and if it's still alive, it could bite or scratch you. Additionally, snap traps could be safety hazards if you have pets or children.

  • Bait traps - For larger rodent problems, using poisoned bait can help you eliminate the whole colony. However, this can result in rats dying in places where they are difficult to reach.

It's worth noting that most commercially available rat repellants, especially sound machines, have been deemed ineffective by the FTC.

Hiring Professional Pest Control for Rats

DSC_0441.jpgWhile there are plenty of rat control methods that you could implement on your own, the complete elimination of your rat problem is most likely accomplished by hiring a professional pest management service. The following are just a few of the advantages to using a professional instead of doing it yourself:

  1. A professional will identify how big the rat problem is and implement the appropriate method of control.

  2. A professional will make sure that whatever method they use will be safe, meaning none of your pets or children will be at risk.

  3. A professional will not only eliminate the rats in your home, but make sure that they are all safely removed as well.

  4. A professional will take preventative measures to make sure the rats don't return.

It's extremely difficult to get rid of a rat problem on your own, even if you have access to a variety of rat traps or other methods of rat control. Because of this, make sure that you contact Markle Termite & Pest Management to schedule a free inspection today.


3 Tips To Get Rid of Fire Ants In Your Home

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

fire ant problem

Having an ant problem on your property may seem like nothing more than a nuisance, albeit one that you'll want to deal with. However, having a fire ant problem is an issue in an of itself.

Fire ants bite and being bitten by numerous red ants at once can be quite painful. If you have children or pets, you'll want to make sure that you get rid of your fire ant problem right away. Use the following tips to get rid of fire ants in your home.

1. Seal the Entry Points

If there are fire ants coming into your home, you'll want to follow their trail in order to find the entry point. These entry points are often gaps within the siding of your home or in the frame of your windows or doors. Make sure you seal these points so that fire ants can no longer gain access.

2. Kill the Ants In Your Home

You can spray the fire ants that have gotten inside of your home using a basic insecticide. However, because many insecticides contain potentially harmful chemicals, you can also make your own solution by combining equal parts vinegar and water into a spray bottle to kill individual fire ants in your home.

3. Destroy the Fire Ant Hill

ant hillsIf you have fire ants in your home, it means that there is a colony somewhere on your property. Ant hills, in general, are not difficult to spot, so simply walk around your property and look for any mounds. Once you've located the fire ant hill, there are a few different methods you can employ to destroy it, including:

  • Cover it with insecticide - When doing this, use an insecticide that can be dissolved in water so that it will reach the fire ants that are underground.

  • Use hot water - Pour boiling water over the hill. This is a more environmentally-safe way to destroy the mound.

  • Use poisoned bait - Place poisoned bait around the mound. The fire ants will spread the bait, slowly killing off the entire colony. Fire ant mounds are actually the colonies "restroom" and bait should only be used around the mound.  If put on the mound they will remove it.

These are a few tips on how to get rid of fire ants. However, because fire ants do bite, it's best that you leave it to a professional. A professional will make sure that the colony is completely destroyed and will help prevent future fire ant problems.

Contact us at Markle Termite & Pest Management to schedule a free ant control service inspection today.


How Do I Get Rid of Termites?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

your termite problemOne of the worst pest problems that you can have is a termite problem. While other pests, such as rodents or bed bugs, may seem like a worse issue on the surface, they don't do nearly the amount of damage that termites do.

Termites can compromise the structure of your entire home, rendering it unsafe to live in. If you think that you have a termite problem and are wondering how to get rid of termites, there's only one effective way to do it and that's through the use of a professional termite control service.

Why You Need a Professional Termite Control Service

First of all, termites can be difficult to spot. They rarely come out into the open, instead opting to dig their way through the soil and eat their way through your home's wood structure without being noticed. Many homeowners won't even realize that they have termites until they've noticed the damage that they've done.

markle termite & pest managementConsidering how difficult it is to identify a termite problem on your own, just imagine how difficult it will be to get rid of them on your own. While there are plenty of insecticides on the market that you can purchase that will kill the termites in your home, it can take time to kill them all - and you'll have to find them first. This is a serious issue since termites eat through wood at an astonishing rate, which means that you may not be able to eliminate your termite problem quick enough, resulting in a house that is no longer safe to live in.

A professional termite control service will be able to do a thorough inspection of your home in order to pinpoint exactly where your termite problem is and where it's coming from. They will then be able to implement a termite control solution based on the extent of your problem. They'll eliminate any termites in your home as quickly as possible, thereby limiting the damage that they can do.

Because termites can cause so much damage in such little time, it's a good idea to have a termite inspection done on a semi-regular basis even if you haven't seen any signs of their presence. If you do think you have termites, be sure to contact us for a free inspection immediately. We know how to get rid of termites before it's too late.


3 Reasons to Not Handle Your Rodent Problem Yourself

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

rodent problemIf you have a rodent problem, then you might be thinking about going out and getting a few traps to spread around your home. However, you should think twice about trying to capture the rodents in your home on your own. The following are a few reasons why you should hire a professional rodent removal service instead:

  1. Your rodent problem is bigger than you think - You might be able to trap one or two rodents on your own, but there's no way to be sure that you've got them all. There may be a nest of rodents somewhere in your home. A professional will be able to perform a thorough inspection to determine the extent of your rodent problem. They will have multiple ways to trap and remove the rodents in your home depending on how many of them there are.

  2. Handling a rodent can be risky - Depending on the type of traps you use, you may have to handle a rodent that's still alive. Rodents can carry serious diseases that can be spread through their saliva, droppings, urine and blood. If you don't know how to handle a rodent that's still alive, it could scratch or bite you. A professional has the training required to not only handle both live and dead rodents safely, but to dispose of them safely as well.

  3. rodent removal

    A professional will help prevent further rodent problems - One of the things that people don't realize is that even if you manage to trap and get rid of a rodent safely on your own, you may still find your home under siege by more rodents in the future. A professional rodent removal service won't just find and get rid of all of the rodents in your building, they will also take preventative measures to help keep them from coming back. This includes finding all potential access points throughout your home and closing them off, making it more difficult for rodents to get back inside. They will also provide you with professional advice on what you can do to prevent future rodent problems.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should turn to a professional rodent removal service instead of attempting to take care of the problem yourself. To schedule a rodent removal service in the Dallas area, be sure to contact us and schedule a free inspection today.


How Do I Identify Those Noises in My Attic?

Monday, February 05, 2018

noises in the atticAre you hearing noises in your attic, especially at night? Do those noises sound like scurrying, scratching, or constant thud sounds? If so, there's a good chance that you have rodents (or some other kind of wildlife) living in your attic.

To truly determine whether you have a rodent problem, you'll need to schedule a professional inspection. Below we've included some signs to help you determine what those noises are in your attic. 

4 Signs of Rodents in the Attic

  1. Footprints - If your attic is dusty you may see small footprints in your attic space. One thing that you could do to confirm the presence of rodents is by sprinkling talcum power on the floor. Go back up to the attic the next morning and you'll see footprints in the talcum powder if there are rodents present.

  2. Gnawing - Go up to your attic during the day and check the floors, rafters, siding and more for signs of gnawing. Rodents have to gnaw on things to help keep their teeth sharp.

  3. Tunnels - Some rodents will tunnel through insulation, especially blown in insulation. Insulation helps to keep rodents warm and therefore provides for excellent nesting material.

  4. Droppings - One of the biggest giveaways that you have a rodent problem in your attic is the presence of droppings. Rodents will leave a trail of feces, which tend to be very small. You're most likely to find them near the area that they are nesting in.

Getting Rid of Rodents in Your Attic

If you're sure that the noises in the attic are coming from rodents and you've spotted other signs of their presence, then contact a rodent control service right away.

A Markle Termite & Pest Management specialist will do a thorough inspection of your attic to find the source and to determine what the extent of the problem is. Depending on the problem at hand, we will recommend a solution to completely get rid of you rodent problem. We will also eliminate any entry points into your attic space in order to help prevent any future rodent problems.

If you are hearing noises in the attic and you think that you might have a rodent problem, be sure to contact us at Markle Termite & Pest Management to schedule a free home inspection today.